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The history of TNT Records goes all the way back to Trinidad, and my involvement with music, and the visits to various records shops, to buy music. Music has always been a great joy for me. When I moved to Canada, I still had the music bug, and always kept the dream of one day having a music shop. It was not till, 1998 that I really took things serious, and decided that, I have to do it, or at least try it. I spoke to a very good friend who also sheared the same love of music, and goals of having a shop that provided Caribbean Music, mainly music from Trinidad and Tobago.

We discussed the idea, and all the ups and downs that will accompany a venture like this. We knew it will be a struggle, but we are doing it because we love the music. 1n 1999 we meet and I presented a business plan and various ideas on a record shop. We progressed with small ideas, in 2000 on a visit to Trinidad for carnival, I meet with various record companies and bands, about dealing direct with them to promote and distribute the music. The response was great. That year we got some cd's and started selling at various functions and festivals. At this time also the internet was becoming a major factor, we look towards this, and got a web site going, to showcase the products.

The major goal is to have a shop space, where you can do your one stop shopping for caribbean music such as: calypso, soca, east Indian, steelband, reggae and zouk. Also other products like books and, magazines.

Focus will also be on providing information on carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, the others Caribbean islands and in North America.

In addition promoting events in the Caribbean Community and the Community in General. We are small, at present but we keep working, to achieve our goal, for the love of the music.

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